Der Feuerwehrhelm

Flood rescue


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Thailand Synthetic helmet (˜1970)
In this collection since: 07.10.2002
0142 Helmet from the professional fire department Bangkok Thailand. The black synthetic material helmet from glass fiber was produced by the American company Bullard at 1970. This helmet type was produced mainly by the company Bullard for U.S. armed forces fire departments. The three combs are prominent, this one are relatively low and goes in the distance of approx. 45 mm besides each other. The badge of the police fire department Bangkok is attached at the front. The relief like, silver badge is attached on a leather and fastened to the helmet inside. The emblem shows the coat of arms of the Thai king "Rama V" (1868 -- 1910) in the center. About this the king crown is represented between two pagodas. The stroke below is called "Bangkok".
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