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Denmark Steel helmet (˜1938)
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0836 Fire helmet from Denmark. The manufacturer of the helmet is Glud & Marstrands from Copenhagen. The helmet type is called "M26". The M26 was built in 1926 as a steel helmet for the Danish Army. Its broad shape and the lack of eye and nape screens make its appearance unmistakable. The edge of the steel helmet is crimped. The leather inner helmet is attached to a sheet metal strip which is connected to the helmet shell. On this sheet metal strip is the label with the inscription "a / s Glud & Marstrands Fabriker No 97703". Glud & Marstrand was founded in Copenhagen on 4 August 1879. Already in 1895 it was converted into a limited liability company. The helmet was also intended for civilian use. The print on the leather of the "CF" helmet with the Danish crown shows that the helmet was built for the Danish civil defense (Civil Forvaret), which was founded in 1938. The helmet had on the front originally the badge of the Danish armed forces, which attached to the helmet was with two pins. It was exchanged for the current badge. The perforation under the current badge comes from the second pen of the former badge. The new badge is the emblem of "Zone Redning". Zone Redning is an organization for professional fire fighting. Until 1926, this company became the company Falck and Zonen, a service provider for fire fighting, rescue services and towing companies in Denmark. The helmet was worn until the introduction of the new M46.
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