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North-Korea Synthetic helmet (˜1990)
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0831 Fire helmet from North Korea. The green steel helmet was produced in China. On the head upholstery of the inner helmets, the following information is given: "GFRP FACTOVG of JING DONG: NAN CHANG CITY - GB2811-89 - JD-A1"
The explanations are as follows:
Nanchang Jingdong Frp Factory is located in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China.
"GB2811-89" is the document number in the Standards Administration of China, a rule similar to the German DIN. The GB2811 regulates the nature of the "safety helmets". It applied on 1 November 1989.
"JD-A1" is the helmet type shown here. JD-A1 is an explosion-proof steel helmet "METAL EXPLOSION-PROOF STEEL HELMET"
The helmet has an inner helmet made of PE. The headrest is made of 6 nylon ribbons and a synthetic leather pad. The nylon chinstrap has a 4 point attachment and a plastic quick release fastener.
On the front of the helmet is the badge of the fire service unit. The tin badge shows a red star on a white background.
The helmet comes from the North Korean Special Economic Zone Kaesong. Kaesong is located about 50 km northwest of the South Korean capital Seoul.
From Wikipedia:
A special economic zone is a geographic area within a state, for which there are legal and administrative facilities for investors. These usually concern customs and tax law, but sometimes also other legal areas such as environmental, labor or social law. Following the Chinese model and with South Korean investments, four special economic zones have also been set up in North Korea since 2000:
- industrial area Kaesŏng
- Tourist region Kŭmgang-san
- Special Administrative Region Sinŭiju
- Rasŏn
The fire brigades of North Korea are subordinate to the Ministry of National Security. The Ministry has 27 departments of which one is the Protection Office. It is responsible for fire safety, traffic control, public health and customs.

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