Der Feuerwehrhelm

Firefighting of a hand pump vehicle
in historical uniforms at 1920
Southern Germany


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Federal Republic of Germany since 1949 Synthetic helmet (˜2002)
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0823 Fire helmet from Germany. Manufacturer is the company CGF Gallet from France, the helmet type is: F1E12. The helmet can be adjusted to the head size 58-65. It was produced according to EN443: 97 in 2002. On the right is a bracket for the UK4AA helmet light. Instead of the usual neck protection, a Holland cloth was installed. The helmet, with the luminescent helmet color, has a similar afterglow front plate. In spite of the side support for a helmet light, a large helmet light was installed at the top of the helmet. The heavy, bulky luminaire can be placed on the helmet. It is battery operated and has two conventional light bulbs for different luminances in the reflector. The lamp is switched on at the right side of the housing. The luminaire has also been produced by CGF. The helmet was originally used by the volunteer fire brigade at the city of Wolfsburg in the Velstove district. The inscription "28 41" identifies the vehicle of the fire brigade: Florian Wolfsburg 28 / 41-1 - TSF-W. The fire brigade Velstove, together with Brackstedt, Kästorf, Warmenau and Wendschott, forms the northern fire station of the fire brigade Wolfsburg.

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