Der Feuerwehrhelm

Briefing during fire fighting
Fire Brigade


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United States Synthetic helmet (˜1989)
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0822 Fire helmet from the USA. The manufacturer of the white polycarbonate helmet is Cairns & Brothers from the USA. The helmet type is: 662 Metro II. This helmet model is the successor to the widely used helmet model 660 C Metro which has been available since 1981. (See helmet 0024, USA or 0646, Iran). The helmet was produced on 05.01.1989. The valid standardization at this time was the NFPA 1972: 1987. The helmet was replaced by the helmet type 990, which was produced in 1985 from Kevlar. (See helmet 0874, USA). On the front of the helmet is a large, reflective sticker instead of a leather front plate. On the sticker are the 5 talking pipes, the ranking of a "Fire Chiefs". "1st Asst" was added to the printed text "Chief". The helmet comes from the state of Mississippi. The fire brigade itself is not known.
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