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German Reich until 1918 Brass helmet (˜1880)
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0817 Fire helmet from Germany. The brass helmet comes from the southern German city of Staufen in the Breisgau. The helmet in the Württemberger form was made around 1880. The high, short crest, which is soldered on the helmet, as well as the three circumferential grooves at the connection of the helmet and the eye and neck screen are distinctive. The coat of arms of Staufen is attached to the front. The embossed brass badge shows three cups surrounded by oak leaves and a wall crown. At the rear screen, the brand of “C. Beuttenmüller” from Bretten is attached. At the same helmet number 0525, Germany, this brand is no longer available. Inside you can see the "shadows" of the one-time oval paper sticker on the helmet, with the name of the manufacturer and the head size entered by hand. (See Helm 0922, Germany)
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