Der Feuerwehrhelm

Firefighting of a hand pump vehicle
in historical uniforms at 1920
Southern Germany


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Denmark Synthetic helmet (˜1975)
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0815 Fire helmet from Denmark. The helmet itself is from the manufacturer Brissmann from Sweden. The helmet type is: BR & BRV. For details of the helmet, see Helmets 0314 and 0315, Sweden.
While the fire brigades in Sweden usually wear the helmet without neck-wear, here one has been installed. The gray helmet color also differs from the Swedish standard colors red, white and yellow. On the front is an oval metal badge.
Smaller villages had installed the general firearms badge (ax, helmet and jet pipe). Larger communities and cities had, as here, their own small brass coat of arms. It shows a kind of castle or fortress lying in or at the water. The coat of arms comes from the Danish fire brigade Nordborg (Nordborg Friv. Brandvaern), which was founded in 1883.
According to Wikipedia, Nordborg (German: Norburg) is a northern city and after S°nderborg the second largest city on the south Danish island Als. (About 5900 inhabitants, about 40km northeast of Flensburg)
The helmet was worn in the time around 1975.
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