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Belgium Aluminum helmet (˜1940)
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0811 Fire helmet from Belgium. Light aluminum helmets were originally developed in the USA for units of the forest fire brigade. This kind of helmetswas called "hard hat". Later, a work safety helmet was developed out of this helmet form which was worn by firemen in factories. On the helmet is no indication of the manufacturer and the helmet type. In the USA such helmets were manufactured by B.F. McDonald Co. in Los Angeles. (See helmet 513) The helmet was built around 1940. The helmet has a round brim. This is flanged for reinforcement at the edge. On the upper side of the helmet, elevations are pressed into the bracing. The inner helmet of canvas is connected to the helmet at 6 points by a cord. The headband is reinforced with PVC. Later helmets from the company B.F. McDonald are available with manufacturer's announcement and the U.S. Patent numbers. Inside the helmet, the name "ATEA" is written on the inner helmet and the helmet shell. ATEA is the "Antwerp Telephone and Electrical Works", a telecommunications company founded in 1892. It can be assumed that the helmet comes from this company's fire brigade.
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