Der Feuerwehrhelm

Fire in a skyscraper


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Germany Synthetic helmet (˜1998)
In this collection since: 01.06.2016
0798 Fire helmet from Germany. The manufacturer of the helmet is the company Römer from Germany. The helmet type is called Galaxy. It was built in 1998. The helmet comes from the development of the company Auer (see helmet 0674) and this helmet was presented already in 1987. The development and production was later continued by the company Römer. See helmets 0105/0227 Germany. On the front and on both sides is the emblem of the company Römer. There is no manufacturer's label or a reference to a valid standardization in the helmet itself.

See helmets 0674 - Auer of 1987, 0105 of 1999 and 0227 - Römer of 2004.
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