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Finland Steel helmet (˜1917)
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0787 Fire helmet from Finland. The black steel helmet is a so-called Sohlberg helmet. The helmet built for the Russian military was developed towards the end of the first world war in 1917 and built as the M17 in Finland. The helmet is very similar to the French Adrian helmet, so it is also called "Finnish Adrian". (See helmet 0424, France) Instead of a helmet comb, he has a small tin hood over the helmet, which was meant to ventilate the helmet. Finland was part of the Russian Empire until the end of December 1917. After the war, Russia no longer had any use for these helmets and so they were deployed by independent Finland. Usually units of civil protection and air protection were equipped with it. The helmet was painted black in the second world war, and received a new interior of reindeer leather. The helmet size is 69, it is not customizable.
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