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German Reich until 1918 Leather helmet (˜1910)
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0772 Fire helmet from Germany. The black leather helmet comes from the time around 1910. For details of the helmet see helmet number 487, Germany. On the front of the helmet, the badge of the free state Lippe is attached.
From Wikipedia:
Lippe was first mentioned as a state in the 12th century. Since then, the country had changed the status or the affiliation several times. At the time of the helmet around 1920, Lippe was a free state within the Weimar Republic. After the Second World War, Lippe, forced by the British occupying powers, had to give up its independence and decided to be integrated into the land North Rhine-Westphalia, founded in 1946.
To the demarcation to the also existing country Schaumburg-Lippe, the country was also called Lippe-Detmold, according to its capital.
The coat of arms of the Freistaat Lippe showed the Lippische Rose (The rose of Lippe) in the silver shield. The state flag was yellow-red. The Lippische Rose was the coat of arms of the noblemen from Lippe and was therefore also contained in the state coat of arms of the state of Lippe, which existed as a state in various statutory forms until 1947. A side line of the house Lippe ruled in Schaumburg-Lippe, so that also his coat of arms showed the Lippische Rose.
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