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Denmark Steel helmet (˜1934)
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0770 Fire helmet from Denmark. The black metal helmet corresponds to the German fire helmets M34. (See helmet 0049 Germany). These helmets were created before the Second World War and were worn until the 1970s. In contrast to the German helmets, these helmets had a brass comb. The general badge, that is usual in smaller fire brigades, is not at the front. Here, the coat of arms of the fire brigade of Copenhagen is mounted. In addition to the organization Falck (see helmet 511), there are fire brigades in the larger municipalities and cities. They differ in the black helmet color and their own helmet coat. In some fire brigades, the general fire-fighting sign can be seen here. (See Helmets 175, 664 Denmark), others have the coat of arms of the commune. (See Helmets 663,770, Denmark). The helmet has on the right side a metal cockade in the Danish colors red-white-red. A leather strap is attached to this cockade. On the left side, the belt is held by a simple brass cockade.
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