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United States Synthetic helmet (˜1974)
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0767 Fire helmet from the USA. The manufacturer of the helmet is the company ERB Plastic Inc. Woodstock, USA. The helmet type is "332 Battleblaze". The black polycarbonate helmet was built between 1974 and 1983. The company was founded in 1956. She do no longer produces this helmet type. However, the range of this company still includes helmets, mainly for occupational health and safety. The lightweight helmet has the classic shape of the plastic helmets of this time. The oval front and the surrounding reinforcement of the helmet shell at the transition from the brim to the helmet shell are distinctive. The inner helmet is made of plastic and nylon bands. The headband is adjustable. The leather chin strap has no closure. It can only be adjusted in length. In the helmet there is a manufacturer's shield. The number "MIL-H 1987-D" is a standard number of the US military. The helmet conformed to these specifications in the 1973 version.
The meaning EP2 is unknown. On the front is the imprint "FD". These markings were found in fire-fighting helmets used by the US Army at the military bases. This was the case in the USA and all other bases. (See helmets 0650, 0705, USA) At the front, there were first leather badges with the inscription "USA FD". (See helmet 0705, USA) Around 1965, the front plate was removed and only the letters "FD" were glued (see helmet 0711, USA). Later helmet generations, as from the year 2000, had no more badges.

The company ERB described their helmet in an advertising flyer as follows:

Battleblaze Fireman´s Helmet.
Erb Plastics now offers the „Battleblaze“ fireman´s helmet made of sturdy and durable polycarbonate with Erb´s famous six point suspension for added comfort and safety. The Battleblaze is injection molded in one piece for maximum strength and will withstand a wide range of temperatures. The unique design of the Battleblaze adds strength to the helmet but causes falling objects to glance off to either side minimizing the shock of the blow. Winter liners and chinstraps are also available for the battleblaze.
- Made of sturdy and durable polycarbonate plastic
- Six point suspension containing 6 feet of shock absorbing nylon webbing
- Can be purchased with number 118 Decorative Band to provide two color helmet
- Designed with top ribbing for added strength
- Accommodates winter liners and chin straps
- Meets military specification MIL-H-1987D-1973
- Exclusive safety features protected by Patent number 3, 785,889

The orange ribbon, referred to as accessory, is available here.
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