Der Feuerwehrhelm

Firefighter on truck


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United States Synthetic helmet (˜1985)
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0766 Fire helmet from the USA. The black plastic helmet was built by the manufacturer Morning Pride. The helmet type is "72 Plus". Date of manufacture is 11.02.1985. The helmet was built since the early 1980s. The helmet shell is made of Kevlar reinforced plastic. The helmet corresponds to the NFPA 1972 and the ANSI Z89.1969. The heavy helmet has a layer of PU foam as a shock absorption. The inner helmet is attached to this lining. It is made of yellow plastic, the bands for the headrest are made of nylon. The chin strap has a two-point fastening. It is attached directly to the helmet shell. The chin strap can not be opened. The length is adjusted by means of a metal closure. The neck protector has an unusual pattern inside. It can be closed under the chin. A face shield is attached to the helmet. On the side are stickers with the inscription "Fireman" and the number 21. This can also be seen at the front. Whether the 21 is for the station or a vehicle is not known.
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