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United States Synthetic helmet (˜1994)
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0765 Fire helmet from the USA. The yellow plastic helmet was built by the manufacturer Bullard. The helmet type is called Firedome CX. The helmet was manufactured in March 1994 according to the NFPA 1971 (National Fire Protection Association). Since the Firedome CX was only available since 1994, this was one of the first helmets of the new series. Inside the helmet there is a manufacturer's lable on which the helmet type is not indicated correctly. The helmets listed on this Lable all have a smooth helmet shell. Bullard had built only the helmet types CX and UST with "ribs" on the helmet. On the front is an unusual front plate. Typically, the front label is either a leather label or a sticker. Here a brass plate was installed. The front shield goes into the shield holder without interruption. There is no reference to a fire brigade on the sign. Instead you can see an eagle with heraldic shield. In the US it is called "Stars and Stripes Eagle". On the shield there is written the date "Est. 1898 ". It is the founding date of the company Bullard. The eagle is also incorporated into the plastic on the back of the helmet. A wooden wedge and a helmet lamp are attached to a rubber band. The helmet lamp from Garrity Madison CT is a Duracell brand.

The manufacturer describes the helmet as follows:
The epitome of traditional American fire-fighting helmets.
Classic design combined with modern helmet construction and elaborate interior equipment.
Thermoglas Composite outer shell for extreme mechanical and thermal loads. Sublime ornaments on the edge of the form and 8 high stiffening ribs. Embossed original metal eagle for the "Leatherfront". Safety thanks to large-area and thermally stable reflex surfaces. Inner shell of PU foam with additional cover of ABS for uncompromising insulation and full-surface impact protection. Head band with universal adjustment possibilities for height, inclination angle and head circumference. Head and neck cushions, as well as bonnet made of flameproof cotton. Nomex chinstrap with "fireman" plug - in lock. Neck protection from Ripstop - Nomex. High-performance visor, click-on goggles or the classic Bourke eyeshields. Colors: red, black, white. Certification: NFPA.
The helmet comes from the fire department of the city of Troy in the state of Michigan. The fire department has six fire stations and consists of 180 volunteers and 10 professional firefighters. In 2010 the fire brigade carried out a helmet change. The Bullard FXE helmets have been replaced by the Bullard Firedome CX.

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