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German Reich until 1918 Leather helmet (˜1910)
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0660 Fire helmet from Germany. The red-painted leather helmet dates back to around 1910. For more information on the helmet, see helmet number 487, Germany. On the front of the helmet is the common badge of Bavarian fire brigades. It shows the initial letter of the village or city where he was used. While it was usual in other states within the German Kingdom to show the coat of arms of the state (see Helmets 632/768/769/772/773), here the so-called “Ortsplatte” was installed. The form of the coat of arms was nearly the same for all Bavarian helmets, the design varied. In addition to the local letter, some of the badges also bore the text: „Gott zur Ehr – den Menschen zur Wehr“ (God to glory - the neighbors to defense). Another feature of the helmet are the lateral Lion head rosettes. They are typical for the Bavarian area. The red helmet coating has also been done only in Bavaria. Bavaria became part of the newly founded German Reich in 1871. It becomes so-called reserve rights. Reservation rights are special sovereign rights. The existing competencies of the Kingdom on legislation and legal oversight were restricted or modified by them. The leather helmet is from the Zirndorf region in Mittelfranken. The village can only have been the village Schwadermühle or Schwaighausen.

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