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German Reich until 1918 Sheetsteel helmet (˜1900)
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0547 Fire helmet from Germany. The helmet is made of steel sheet. Plate surrounds, crest and emblem are made of brass. The helmet was painted red. Striking is the triangular, pointed helmet crest. It is not typical for German helmets, but for example to find in the catalog of K. Rosenbauer Austria. The helmet shape corresponds to the German and Austrian brass helmets around 1900. The inside helmet is made of leather. The chinstrap, also made of leather, is externally attached to the side. For fixing are large round rosettes attached.There is an oval brass badge on the front. It is likely that this is the letter C in Gothic script. Many fire departments had the first letter of the citiy at the front. The oval shape is rather unusual. Common is the crest form such as at Helm 9/47/64. The city or the place remains unknown.
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