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Great Britain Cork helmet (˜1948)
In this collection since: 01.02.2012
0416 Fire Helmet from England. The cork helmet was built in 1948. He is one of the first cork helmet that were produced in Britain. They replace the, until then commonly used brass helmets of the type Merryweather, that were worn from 1865 to about 1935. The helmet shape and the high comb are modeled like on the brass helmets. As material, cork was used wich was pressed together with resin. As top layer, a linen cloth have been drawn wich was painted black. The inside is also made of this material. Later is the inside of the helmet made from plastic and the comb is significantly lower. Cork helmets are not stable, you might think, but in fact, this combination has a better resistance against penetration than any other helmet types that was in use on this time and this has remained until today.
The interior leather helmet is not adjustable, the inner helmet was specially made for the head size 7 1/8 (58). The chin strap of leather is wide; it can be adjusted in length. Manufacturer of this helmet is the company Cromwell from Britain. The helmets were built since 1935. Until the 2 World War, the helmets had at the front an attached emblem, which consisted of leaves and letters. In 1945, these helmets were painted black and the insignia were removed. Here at the front is the badge of the fire department Devon County, where the helmet was used. On the label of the helmet size inside of the helmet, the helmet size is given in Metric and Imperial size. The manufacturer had donethat way since 1948.
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