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South-Korea Synthetic helmet (˜1950)
In this collection since: 05.10.2004
0212 South Korean fire helmet from the city of Tae-baek. The helmet is from the professional fire brigade. Manufacturer is the Company D. Bullard from USA. The name of the model is: “Fire Dome”. The black plastic helmet from glass fiber was produced in the 1950s. He is an early model of this helmet type. The most striking feature is the externally visible cord, with which the foam liner is attached to the helmet shell. In later helmets the helmet interior is riveted to the helmet shell. In addition, the company logo "Hard Boiled" is attached on to the front screen. (See helmet 0239, USA) This type of helmet has been produced by the company Bullard primarily for US military fire brigades. Striking are the three combs, which are relatively low and run at a distance of approximately 45mm adjacent. The helmet model is the second version that existed in South Korea. In some firefighters he was still worn until 1995. With the helmets of the emergency services, there are a total of seven helmet versions. Possibly this helmet was introduced by the Americans during or after the Korean War (1950 – 1953). The helmet is made of fiberglass. The inside helmet is very sparse and consists of only three cotton strips and a non-adjustable front belt. The chin strap is a simple leather straps.
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